Auto Insurance

6 Items You Should Always Have in Your Car

Thanks to mobile phones, a vehicle breakdown is usually more of an inconvenience than a real danger. A quick call to a tow truck or roadside assistance service will usually get you to safety within a couple of hours. But … Continued

Tips to Avoid Purchasing a Flood Car

As we’ve all seen recently in the news, hurricanes (and the floods that result from them) can create enormous damage to properties and vehicles. In fact, one recent estimate from Hurricane Harvey, estimated over 200,000 vehicles would be totaled due … Continued

Risk Management: Avoiding Pothole Damage

There’s nothing like the smell of the grass after a long, hard rainstorm or the sunshine glistening water off the trees.  Problem is that storms also leave another present — potholes. And if you’ve hit one before, you know that … Continued

Winter Driving Tips

The winter will always bring with it precarious driving conditions. Whether it’s icy roads, heavy snowfall, low visibility, or any other combination of harsh weather, knowing how to control your car is key to staying safe as you journey through … Continued

How is the value of my car determined in a claim?

One of the most stressful situations people encounter with auto claims is determining the value of the vehicle or damage. The Process When you file your claim it will be referred to a claims adjuster who will verify the loss … Continued

Infographic: Types of Auto Insurance

Customers often ask us exactly what each coverage on their auto insurance policy does.  As policy language can be complicated and confusing, it can be difficult to understand how your policy is supposed to react in the event of a … Continued