Preventing Lightning Claims

  Here are our top tips and tricks for preventing lightning losses: 1. Install a lightning protection system.  A lightning protection system supplies structural protection by providing a specified path on which lightning can travel. When a building is equipped … Continued

Top 5 Strangest Insurance Claims

Claim #1: Stow-Away In Seattle, a couple failed to tie their mattress securely to the top of their SUV. As they were driving on the freeway, the mattress loosed itself from its moorings and landed in the middle of the … Continued

Denver and Arvada Residents: Filing a Homeowners Claim

We are often asked by our Denver and Arvada clients the best way to file a homeowners claim.  With that in mind, we want to provide the following list of tips to ensure your claim goes smoothly. 1. Report Any … Continued

Deer and Auto Collisions

During the winter months, it is very common to see deer hopping across roadways.   As part of the deer migration season, there is a dramatic spike in the movement of the deer population, resulting many deer-related accidents. In fact, … Continued

How Does Homeowners Insurance Respond to Wind Damage?

We were recently asked how a homeowners insurance policy protects homes from flying debris and falling trees.  Is there coverage available for those types of claims? If so, is there a limit associated with it? Most standard homeowners insurance policies … Continued

Identity Theft Insurance

  Identity Theft Insurance What is it? Some insurance companies now include coverage for identity theft as part of their homeowners insurance policy. Others sell it as either a stand-alone policy or as an endorsement to a homeowners or renters … Continued

Denver Renters Insurance Quotes

Did you know that according to the Insurance Information Institute only 35 percent of renters purchase renters insurance? In fact, in many cities the number of renters actually outnumbers the amount of homeowners.  The good news is that renters insurance … Continued